You just want to sleep peacefully when it suddenly twitches at the arms, legs or in the eyes. This is not a rare phenomenon. About 70 percent of people experience it again and again that their muscles suddenly flinch when falling asleep. First of all, it should be said that these sleep convulsions are completely harmless! This may be due to various causes, such as magnesium deficiency or too much stress.

Reasons for sleep twitching

When awake, the muscles receive signals from the competent nerve cells, whereupon they contract or expand. These processes slow down when falling asleep, but at different times. While the brain regions responsible for thinking quickly shut down, the areas responsible for physical activity are still active for some time. In this case, cause-dependent muscle contractions, also called myoclonus, can arise, which manifest themselves as twitches.

Do not worry if muscles twitch when falling asleep!

Most people have already experienced twitching muscles when they fall asleep. After all, as already mentioned, this is normal for 70 percent of the population. Especially small children are the most common. Even if the physicians could not finally agree on the causes of muscle twitching at the moment, there is at least a consensus that occasional twitching of the muscles is completely harmless in half asleep. Nevertheless, the symptom may in some cases indicate a serious illness. For example, in addition to twitching, pain or emotional distress may be a neurological condition such as Restless Legs Syndrome. Now, the affected person should definitely consult a doctor.

Even without a definitive explanation of the cause, the scientists know what they should advise about. This does not include strenuous movements in the late evening and no caffeine. In addition, it is important to be able to fall asleep calmly and relaxed, to avoid any kind of stress beforehand. Of course, the mattress must be comfortable for you to provide optimal sleep. At least, sufferers should take short-term action in the event of stress, helping to manage the stress. If you also want to relax, you can take mattress from us. Now is the mattress for sale.